Your blogging pal “Farsider” is Bruce Westbrook, an entertainment journalist based in Houston who’s covered show biz for five major daily newspapers, from thousands of film, TV and DVD reviews to up-close interviews with folks ranging from Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen to Uma Thurman and Michelle Pfeiffer. Now happier watching on his 55-inch widescreen than enduring cell talkers, baby wailers and seat kickers at the megaplex, Bruce has dedicated himself to dishing on DVD, TV, pop music and pop culture, which he does from Space City on “Tripping the Light.”


2 Responses to “About”

  1. James Durrett Says:

    I miss Bruce from the Houston Chronicle. I loved the DVD and the 60’s music reviews.

  2. farsider Says:

    Hey James:

    You are so right, in that “Ed Wood” does have its horror elements. It’s also, in my opinion, Burton and Depp’s best collaboration ever. And let’s not forget “The Corpse Bride” while we’re at it. Neither film is truly horrific, but who says all horror films must be frightening or disturbing? Sometimes they can just be fun — and in “Ed Wood’s” special case, soulful and moving.

    Thanks, James –


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