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300 Glee songs list overlooks many numbers, adds mystery tunes

October 27, 2011

OK, you’ve heard that the Glee cast just recorded the last of the show’s first 300 Glee songs, and you’re probably wondering what they are. After all, some haven’t aired yet, so the bottom of the list is bound to be a reveal. And I’ll leave that for you to check out at the end of this post.

Yes, there’s a full list, which Fox released to commemorate the event. I’ll paste it below. But first, some observations:

These aren’t 300 different songs. Listed twice is Tonight, which Tina sang for a full minute though not in its entirety in Season 1. Since it’s also near the end of the list, it’s presumably done as a full-bore number for the upcoming West Side Story. Also listed twice is You’re the One That I Want, which Rachel sang with — or for — Finn in glee club and again behind closed doors. Also, Don’t Stop Believin’ is listed four times, albeit once amid a medley. (Remember? Even Quinn briefly sang the female lead once.) (more…)