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Book Review: Stephen King’s ‘Elevation’ Rises to the Top

October 15, 2018


As an avid reader of America’s greatest storyteller, Stephen King, I’m used to heft. I’m used to 1,000-page novels or even lengthy collections of short stories which provide decent weight-lifting material for 30-rep sessions.

In short, I’m used to fat books from King. I’m certainly not used to books as light as Elevation, new Oct. 30 from Scribner (146 pages, $19.95).

That’s not to say it’s lightweight in substance or in nature, just in pages (and they’re small ones — but so blessedly easy to read). It is to say that this book, while billed as a novel, is really more of a novella or a protracted short story. But who cares about semantics? It’s still a warm, witty and wonderful read.