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CD Review ‘The Essential Donovan’: Tuneful and timeless

April 16, 2012

To me, Donovan Leitch often got a bad rap. Consider Bob Dylan’s sneers toward him in the documentary Don’t Look Back — and the bizarrely off-base perception that Donovan was a poor man’s Dylan when, except for a brief folk phase early in his career, Donovan never tried to be.

Instead, the Scottish singer-songwriter — just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, btw — was a musical explorer and innovator, from his trailblazing forays into pop psychedelia (Sunshine Superman, Mellow Yellow) to his surprisingly robust rock bolstered by mates such as Ron Wood and Jeff Beck (Barabajagal) to his flower-child’s tuneful tenderness (Wear Your Love Like Heaven) and sunny peace-and-love optimism (Jennifer Juniper).