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DVD Review Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXII

November 15, 2011

Yes, there’s nothing like a thoughtful Christmas gift. And what could be more thoughtful than The Brute Man, The Violent Years, Time of the Apes and Mighty Jack, MST3K-style?

That’s what you’ll get in Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXII, due from Shout! Factory Dec. 6 in a four-disc box set also bulging with lots o’ extras. And since most Misties already know these films — though all four are making their DVD debut — let’s get straight to the juicy new stuff.

In terms of extras, best of these four discs is The Brute Man, which sports another ambitious featurette from Ballyhoo, the half-hour Trail of the Creeper: Making of The Brute Man. Handsomely produced, it’s really less about the movie and more about Rondo Hatton, the disfigured and tragic boogeyman of the film, and how he led a vanguard of new “monsters” for Universal when the studio cooled to its classic fright fiends in the mid-1940s.