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Glee Review/Recap Season 4 Episode 15 ‘Girls (And Boys) On Film’: Factloose

March 8, 2013

GLEE You're All the World to Me

It’s ironic that Glee posed its Girls (And Boys) On Film episode as “event TV” by virtue of hosting its 500th song performance. First, the song Shout wasn’t necessarily the 500th anything, given Glee’s glaring inconsistencies in designating what constitutes a song, or a performance. (See my blog post on Glee’s first 300 songs list being a hot mess.)

Second, the plethora of songs (10, counting two pairs in mash-ups) serving a thin movie-music theme rarely had anything to do with the actual story and characters, but felt stitched on — thus, inconsequential.

That’s not counting the night’s best numbers: Come What May from Moulin Rouge in a lovingly rendered Kurt daydream; In Your Eyes from Say Anything to set up Will’s oddly joyful declaration of love beneath the window of a woman who just ditched him at the altar; and You’re All the World To Me, scoring Glee’s bold, beautiful  and lavishly realized reworking of Fred Astaire’s gravity-defying dance on a rotating set with stationary camera for 1951’s Royal Wedding, here with Will and Emma in a dream duet. (Nice episode for Matt Morrison and Jayma Mays, btw.) (more…)

Glee Review/Recap Season 4 Episode 10 ‘Glee, Actually’: New Traditions

December 14, 2012

Klaine Ice SkateOn a day when we were reminded that Glee is not simply a “comedy” (no Golden Globe nominations this year), Glee vividly demonstrated its more well-rounded appeals itself with the series’ best holiday season show yet.

Glee, Actually, while gimmicky, got the job done. It told many tales, and told them well, freshening and updating characters and relationships, laying out important turning points and events, and always — always — entertaining with a spritely, spunky spirit.

A third annual Kurt and Blaine holiday duet,  with a hep cat White Christmas sung on a Gotham ice skating rink. (Leaping lounge lizards, that was fun!) A warm and meaningful bonding of the extended Puckerman family. A  black-and-white nod to It’s a Wonderful Life in which Rachel is a librarian and Artie dances. A Mayan Apocalypse delirium for sudden soulmates Sam and Brittany that leads to an altar — and I don’t mean a sacrificial one. I mean, what more can Gleeks ask for heading into six weeks of winter without our beloved show (which won’t return until Jan. 24, as Fox announced Thursday)?

And the music lived up to the story — without wallowing in sentiment. Sure, Sam and the Cheerios’ Jingle Bell Rock was a bit hokey and borderline relevant, but besides White Christmas’ retro charms, Marley’s heartfelt singing of The First Noel to her mother as their sole Christmas gift was touching, while Rachel’s tender I’ll Be Home For Christmas scored a masterfully intercut montage of Yule yearnings. (more…)

300 Glee songs list overlooks many numbers, adds mystery tunes

October 27, 2011

OK, you’ve heard that the Glee cast just recorded the last of the show’s first 300 Glee songs, and you’re probably wondering what they are. After all, some haven’t aired yet, so the bottom of the list is bound to be a reveal. And I’ll leave that for you to check out at the end of this post.

Yes, there’s a full list, which Fox released to commemorate the event. I’ll paste it below. But first, some observations:

These aren’t 300 different songs. Listed twice is Tonight, which Tina sang for a full minute though not in its entirety in Season 1. Since it’s also near the end of the list, it’s presumably done as a full-bore number for the upcoming West Side Story. Also listed twice is You’re the One That I Want, which Rachel sang with — or for — Finn in glee club and again behind closed doors. Also, Don’t Stop Believin’ is listed four times, albeit once amid a medley. (Remember? Even Quinn briefly sang the female lead once.) (more…)