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‘Green Lantern’ Blu-ray/DVD review: Its flaws did not escape my sight

October 14, 2011

First, I should acknowledge that, even as a Marvel kid who grew up giving A’s to the FF, I’m bored now by superheroes. Why? Because they’re so bogus — so nonsensical — so preposterous — so pandering to adolescent male power fantasies. It’s a genre where writers make up powers, and therefore they’re real and compelling, when in fact they’re just show-off gimmicks for bolder comic panels and bigger CG extravaganzas in movies. And I’m just not buying it — not anymore.

I guess that’s why I loved Kick-Ass so much. It had no make-believe  powers, just real people (like Batman) who fought crime because they believed in it — and adored its elan via kick-ass costumes. (more…)