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From Entertainment Weekly to a concert tour to DVD extras, ‘Glee’ rules

May 21, 2010

Fellow Gleeks, can it get any better?

We’re awash in the superb “Back Nine” spring episodes. Many upcoming songs already have been released in some form, and more CDs (albums or EPs) are on the way. Glee now has a Sept. 14 date for its full season one DVD, whose extras sound enticing. The cast is on their national performance tour — and wouldn’t that make a fine concert DVD? And Glee continues to rise even more prominently in the pop-culture spectrum, as evidenced by the new Entertainment Weekly cover shown here.

What’s left to conquer? Well, next September’s Emmy Awards, for one. EW’s cover girl, Jane Lynch, is certainly due consideration, along with other cast members.

Meanwhile, in case you haven’t caught it, here are the DVD extras coming on the complete Season One DVD (for which buyers of fall season discs can get a $10 rebate):

Extended episodes, sing-along karaoke, a behind-the-scenes look at The Power of Madonna episode, a dance tutorial, Glee makeovers and “Sue’s Corner” fake-TV commentaries, some of which haven’t been seen.

What most intrigue me are the extended episodes. The only drawback is that their extra footage may be hard to identify unless you know these shows by heart. But when you consider Glee has produced several full-length songs that are unshown in any length on the series, this may offer hope.

Among them: Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love; Don’t Make Me Over; and Burning Up. There’s also Last Christmas, but I feel certain they never shot this as an on-screen performance for an episode, as Christmas fell in the middle of Glee’s gallingly long hiatus.

That shouldn’t be quite so long for the 2010-2011 TV season, since Glee is supposed to have 25 episodes, compared to its debut year’s 22.

At any rate, Glee rules. From the top!