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Eerie ‘Lost’ music theme’s origin? Think ghostly Dreamsicles

March 17, 2008

If you’re a fan of Lost, you’ve spent each episode at the start hearing that faint, eerie, creepy music beneath the show’s soft white logo as it slowly spins in dreamy darkness. And you’ve probably wondered: What the hell is that? I mean, it’s not a song, but more a series of strange sounds. And what are they?

Call me lost in a haze of unbridled speculation, but I think I have it. For me, whenever I hear that subtle siren call, that music which seems to beckon to a nightmare and seems to come from some distant calliope, I think one thing: haunted ice cream truck.

That’s right — Lost’s opening musical theme sounds exactly like the old music that used to (perhaps still does) pipe from speakers atop ice cream trucks as they slowly wheeled through neighborhoods to the tune of That Good Ol’ Summertime or something suitably sunny, selling tasty frozen treats to kids when they stopped. Only in this case, it’s the same style of sounds used in a minor key and in an eerie, creepy, disturbing manner. It’s the sounds of a . . .  haunted ice cream truck.

Now, I know this is purely associative and out there as all get-out, and if you’ve got a better name or source for what those sounds represent and what they evoke, I’d like to hear it. But for me, I’m hopping aboard that haunted ice cream truck Thursday nights to slurp up some Dreamsicles on my way to Creepyland.