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I’m chillin’ on Mark Salling’s Glee

December 16, 2009

For the 600 of you who have found my little Glee blog to read my  Nov. 5 entry on Mark Salling’s tribute song to Glee, thanks. Also, remember how I dubbed that song Chilling on Glee, since Mark only posted it on his website as “Glee Cast and Crew Homage”? Well, that name seems to have stuck.

Two people just uploaded the audio to YouTube with Glee-style art and graphics — and the title Chillin on Glee. Though the song was first posted on YouTube a month ago, without that title, those new clips are nice to hear — and see — and I appreciate that they removed the little gag at the end.

What a wonderful, wistful, downright sweet song. Its mix of joyous gratitude and gentle melancholy clearly comes from Mark’s heart, and it seems to fit Gleeks’ mood right now, after the wildly satisfying and triumphant fall finale last week, coupled with the looming four months before a new show.

Anyway, I’m glad these YouTube posters finally picked up on Mark’s wonderful song — and the title I gave it, which, granted, seems a natural fit, so anyone could have come up with it–but I was there first!

Anyway, enjoy the music there or on Mark’s site (though I’m not finding it there now). And if you missed my first blog on this fine song and what it means to Mark — and me —  you can catch that blog here.

Mark Salling of ‘Glee’ gives us a soulful surprise song

November 5, 2009

(Glee fans: Catch my advance review of the fall season’s DVD box set at this link.)

While we wait three full weeks for a new episode of Glee — not to worry, coming next Wednesday is Episode 9: Wheels — it’s heartening to find on the new website of Mark Salling (Noah Puckerman, or “Puck”) a gem of a song which won’t be performed on the show but is, nonetheless, all about the show — and quite special.

Salling, who’s been devoted to music since an early age and self-released an album under the monicker Jericho last year, has written, performed and recorded a splendid little song which he doesn’t even seem to name, except by the title of the video clip on his website which provides it. So I’ll name it for him, until he comes up with one: Chilling on Glee. That’s part of the lyrics, after all, and in tone and theme, it’s also fitting.

The video shows Salling leading a young actor’s life in So Cal: rising before dawn to drive to work in the dark (while he sings–or lip-synchs–the narrative song), then intercuts with video footage from the set, showing cast and crew members whom he loves and names and considers “family.” (There’s a quick spoiler shot of Diana Agron wearing a pregnancy prosthetic, BTW.) At the end, he drives through the Paramount studio gates at 5555 Melrose and goes to work–prepared to be there until going home after sunset, but he doesn’t mind. To him, Glee is more than a TV show, and I think all Gleeks share that sentiment.

With this, and after seeing Salling on the Wendy Williams show — where he politely called her “ma’am” but was treated quite shabbily, being nagged about his love life and even his ethnicity instead of being asked about his career and Glee itself — I realize that he’s just a nice Texas boy at heart and far from the character he’s created of a brusque, contemptuous jock.

That’s called acting. But Salling is also, quite clearly, a gifted singer/songwriter, and I urge you to check out Chilling on Glee — or “Glee Cast and Crew Homage,” as he labels it. I could do without the indulgence of letting the show’s “Jew-fro” actor make a lame joke at the end in an irrelevant, stitched-on segment, but that’s show-biz. Perhaps it just further goes to show Mark’s generous spirit.

At any rate, I’ve covered show biz for many years, have visited Paramount and other lots many times, have watched the long-hour tedium of shooting a show, and know how Mark must feel as a hard-working young actor: It’s grinding but glorious. And with a show as special as Glee, he’s grateful for finding a special home and is counting his blessings as he lives what he truly believes are golden days.

You’re right, Mark — and like you, I’m chilling on Glee. Now you’ve become a big part of the reason why.

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