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MST’s old crew looks — well, old — but we love ’em

March 18, 2008

Yes, we all get older, but we aren’t all on television or DVD, which are unforgiving media. So it was a shockerama when I saw Joel, Dr. F and TV’s Frank of Mystery Science Theater 3000’s early days pop up as much older men in a brief extra bit for Rhino’s new single-disc DVD for MST3K‘s spin on The Giant Gila Monster, also used as a replacement disc for the revised MST3K Collection Volume 10.2.

They’re still funny guys, and Trace Beaulieu looked almost unchanged as Dr. Clayton Forrester. But Joel Hodgson as Joel Robinson and Frank Conniff as TV’s Frank looked the way they should look for men significantly older than the last time we saw them in MST garb: older. And I don’t fault them for that. It just takes some getting used to. (I, of course, still look as young and handsome as I did when MST‘s first season aired almost 20 years ago.)

Aging aside, their little sketch about losing the rights to Godzilla vs. Megalon and replacing it with The Giant Gila Monster is a stitch, including the part about being on the “honor system” to take your Godzilla disc and dispose of it “properly.” Right — like on eBay, where copies of the Volume 10 set in its original form are selling for big bucks.

I also love the animated menu for Gila Monster, one of Rhino’s best ever. And the movie is perfect MST fodder. Also, it’s so good to see the old (oops — former) SOL and Deep 13 gang back, doing their thing against screen-capture backdrops of the old (oops — former) sets. MST lives! And don’t you forget it.