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Review: ‘The Wild Wild West: The Complete Series’ puts it all in one box

November 4, 2008

If you’ve put off picking up each of the four individual season sets for The Wild Wild West,  now’s your chance to get them all in one swoop, along with two TV reunion movies not previously released on DVD. The handsomely boxed The Wild Wild West: The Complete Series, new from Paramount, doesn’t come cheap, but collectively it sure beats buying the four seasons individually.

Of course, many loyal fans already may have purchased the individual season sets, and there’s the rub. Despite the relatively low quality of the two TV movies added to this full-series set, those movies are desired by fans who are completists. And such fans shouldn’t have to pay $90 or so just to get those two movies and an attractive box when they already have the four season sets.

It’s hoped that Paramount will issue the two TV movies individually at a later date, and at a reasonable price, of course. Until then, the only place to find 1979’s The Wild Wild West Revisited and 1980’s More Wild Wild West is in this big boxed full-series set.

Well, we can’t have everything, and have it all whenever we want, now can we?

Besides, I already know of one friend who’d held out on buying the season sets and is thrilled to get the entire series — and two movies — in one package. And let’s not forget the big picture: that The Wild Wild West was one of the more entertaining and original hybrids of ’60s TV, blending James Bond-style secret agents with Old West settings, though its villains’ crimes went far over the top at times, and anachronisms (as in the dreadful Will Smith theatrical film) prevailed.

After its more earnest first season — which also was the only one in black and white — WWW tended to topple over into fantasyland, and thus lose its endearing western identity. Still, stars Robert Conrad and Ross Martin remained an engaging pair of agents, and as in many shows, it’s the characters, not the stories, that most enthrall us. So saddle up and enjoy these “oaters” in whatever format suits you. The trail ahead is eventful, entertaining and long.