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Glee Season 3 Episode 11 ‘Michael’ Review/Recap: Startin’ Somethin’

February 1, 2012

A confession: I’m in Rachel’s camp. I’ve never been particularly inspired by Michael Jackson. I won’t say why, to allay the haters, but believe me, I have my reasons.

Yet I was inspired by Glee’s nine performances of music by Jackson, sister Janet and old group Jackson 5 in the song-drenched spectacle of its MJ-tastic Michael episode.

Why? That one I can answer. Whether it’s Zach Woodlee’s brilliant choreography, Adam Anders’ musical mettle or the cast’s stirring performances, Glee inspires me most with its music. (more…)

Dear Ryan Murphy: Please close Glee’s choir room door!

December 28, 2011

choir room door

I covered movies, home video and TV for 30 years for major daily newspapers, so I notice things — little things — that don’t ring true. These things on screen can make me scream, since so often they’re so easily corrected, but they aren’t.

Take driving. The average person on TV or in a movie, while driving a car, spends most of their time needlessly looking directly at their passenger while talking to him or her. It takes about two seconds to veer into another lane and cause an accident, but this almost never happens, because the actor isn’t really driving. They’re “acting,” and quite badly — otherwise, they’d have acted the driving part too.

I know, it’s a little thing. But it drives me crazy — pun intended. (more…)

Glee Season 3 Episode 1 Review/Recap ‘The Purple Piano Project’: The beat won’t stop

September 21, 2011

As a card-carrying Gleek, I feel as satiated as a pig given too long at the trough. I’m overflowing with glee over Glee’s Season 3 return, in a premiere episode that’s one of the best ever for this best ever series (if you, like me, are a hopeless musical romantic).

How much can we absorb and process in an hour? And where do I start?

Glee’s 45th episode, The Purple Piano Project (why purple?), had to be one of its most eventful hours ever — and that’s saying something for a show which tries to pack a lot in. It also was one of the most richly entertaining. (more…)