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DVD review: 2010 World Series Film: Texas Rangers vs. San Francisco Giants

December 7, 2010

I’m now a longtime Houstonian, and haven’t lived in San Francisco since the 1980s. But as they say, you leave your heart there, and in some ways I did — especially as a sports fan.

That’s partly because I was living in San Francisco during the 1981 NFL season, when the 49ers rose up from a 2-14 record just two years before to win their first Super Bowl. The city went wild, and so did I. It was such a surge of joy. And I can only imagine the similar feelings when the Giants finally won their first World Series since moving to “The City” in 1958.

I kept telling myself that if the Rangers won, I’d be happy as a Texan, and I’d be happy for my extended family (sister, nieces, nephews, inlaws, etc.), all in Dallas. And hey, I once briefly lived in the DFW Metroplex (Fort Worth) myself, so —

Oh, forget it. I was pulling, yearning, aching for the Giants to win, all the way, in part because I’m a National League guy, but also because that special city still stays with me, and I remember those summer nights at the ‘Stick when baseball meant bundling up in blankets and drinking hot liquids from a thermos while Frank Robinson was skipper, and memories of Willie Mays and company weren’t that distant.

I also related to the gang of misfits and outcasts on the 2010 Giants, far more than the absurdly overpaid teams assembled by the Yankees and their like, who “heroically” outspend their opponents. No, these Giants were special, and so was their incredible run to a title.

That run is beautifully chronicled in the official 2010 World Series Film: Texas Rangers vs. San Francisco Giants, from Shout! Factory.

The video-proper is an 85-minute look at what led up to the series, then a focus on each game, then a stirring celebration and downtown parade in SF. Bonus materials include telecasts’ footage such as the last out of Game 5 and the glorious dogpile in Arlington, TX.

Giants fans won’t be disappointed. How could they be? This was a triumph for the ages — and for San Francisco, the most beautiful city in America.

Thanks, Giants. It meant a lot. And this is a great way to remember it.