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‘Smash’: Season One Video Debut Jan. 8: Let Me Be Your DVD

October 3, 2012

I’m stoked and also frustrated by the news of Smash: Season One making its home video debut on Jan. 8 from Universal. I’m stoked because, while still a hard-core Gleek, I respect much of what Smash has done and am eager to see the set’s many extras. (More on those later.) But I’m frustrated because its video launch, like that of so many series, is geared to the show’s TV return and should have come earlier.

Smash hasn’t aired since May 14, when its 15-episode first season (not quite a full season) left us seeing fictional Broadway-bound musical Bombshell get its feet wet on the road. Making fans wait eight months or more for any new Smash material is making them wait too long. And those who missed Smash’s original run but are curious would have far more time to savor it and catch up on DVD if the series was issued earlier than on the verge of its 2013 premiere date. (more…)

‘Smash’ soundtrack review: Let me be your CD

April 9, 2012

Like its undeniable predecessor and enabler, Glee, NBC’s Smash is about to go all “ancillary markets” on us. That is, it’s about to cash in not just via TV revenues or even downloads, but in CD and album sales.

Glee has issued around 15 CDs already — with just its third season still in progress. Smash is a bit slower from the gate — and in downloads, so far — but still is poised to release The Music of Smash on Columbia on May 1.