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Glee Season 3 Episode 4 Review/Recap ‘Pot o’ Gold’: Stirring the pot a lot

November 2, 2011

Glee never has championed logic. What makes it work is fantasy — which is what you get when people burst into song walking down hallways. I’ve always lauded it as such — as a comedic musical fantasy with dramatic elements — and I ain’t backing down now.

Which is why I’ve come to praise Glee while also taking it to task.

Glee’s lapses in logic in Episode 4, Pot o’ Gold, helped drive the story, but didn’t support established characterizations. So you win some and you lose some. Did Lord Tubbington ever say life was fair?

The illogic began with devoted new mom Shelby suddenly abandoning her crying baby so she could go — where? And to do so she left Beth with her biological parents, whom Shelby previously — and wisely — kept at arm’s length. Huh? (more…)