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Lea Michele lost West Side Story, got Glee, but now gets Maria anyway

September 24, 2011

OK, I was foolish to rhapsodize about the fun prospect of Glee’s Season 3 school musical being The Sound of Music. It would have to have been campy, for one thing, to offset the sweet innocence — and even then they might have been booed off the stage by McKinley’s surly students. But I’m stoked that the chosen show is a more modern winner with not only a close kinship to The Sound of Music, in a way, but to its inevitable star, Rachel.

We’re talking West Side Story, for which two songs will appear in Tuesday’s I Am Unicorn Glee episode: Something’s Coming and Somewhere, as audition pieces.

Comparisons? First, West Side Story and The Sound of Music both hail from the same era. West Side Story debuted on Broadway in 1957. The Sound of Music opened in 1959. West Side Story became a movie in 1961. The Sound of Music premiered on screen in 1965. (more…)